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To tell a great brand story, we must first understand the foundation of storytelling.

Anyone can be a hero if you tell the (brand) story right…
Anyone can be a hero if you tell the (brand) story right…

Your brand story is a tale/story/narrative/anecdote that involves a hero (your customer) who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, guided by your brand, and then comes home changed or transformed.

Nice story framework, right?!

But where does it come from?

No, I am not talking cave people writing on the walls, explorers jotting down their trips on a boat. No, I am talking about those guys and girls you see with the black and white photos (very grainy) that influenced HOW we tell stories today.

Think Freudian, Ulysses or Odyssey… then think Rick &…

Unleash your inner Spielberg

Imagine for a second you are a director of a movie franchise that spans across a decade. You have assembled a formidable team of actors and crew members. Together you created a product that will endure with people for the rest of their lives. Now, in terms we can all understand, you are the new leader in your field, and you need to steer your peers and followers to greatness.

Being the person in charge of an empire franchise is no easy feat. There are many moving parts. A lot of people are looking to you…

Werner Griesel

Self-proclaimed Ghost Storyteller. User Experience (UX) Lead by day, Micro-Fiction writer by night and Educator in between.

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